History of caviar


Sturgeon (living fossil) has a biological history of two hundred million years.
Herodotus speaks of the existence of the Dnieper Sturgeon 450 BC.
The word caviar was first included in the collection as Platina in 1458 AD.

Comparison of Iranian Caviar with other countries

Iranian caviar has the highest quality among the countries around the Caspian Sea.
This superior quality has made Iranian caviar in the world market have a higher
price than the product of other countries.
The reasons for the superiority of Iranian caviar are natural and God-given causes
and favorable living conditions in the southern regions of the Caspian Sea, including
the optimum temperature, climate and suitable seabed, the abundance of suitable food
for sturgeon and the like.
To the above, the skills of caviar makers, the use of sterile tools and equipment,
clean drinking water for caviar environment, the use of high quality and clean salts
and proper refrigeration during storage and transportation of caviar and strict quality
control should be added.
Also, close monitoring of the CITES and the permanent presence of its
representative in Iran is perform.
Electronic chipping of farmed fish and careful monitoring by CITES, Fisheries
and Veterinary Organization and issuing relevant licenses in health certification and Sturgeon
specifications to announce the global CITES to the the buyer’s destination country
CITES (individual or buyer company) are other important issues that are carefully
reviewed and monitored in Iran .
Despite the efforts of other countries to improve the quality of caviar, Iranian caviar
still has an unrivaled reputation as the best caviar in the world.

Caspian Sea Sturgeon species

Sturgeon, belonging to the Sturgeon family, is a rare aquatic species that dates back
several hundred million years to the Jurassic Age, and therefore Sturgeons are
called “living fossils ” of the world. It is said that along with phylogenetic evolution,
they have remained up to now.

The Sturgeon family in the world is divided into 27 species and subspecies, 5 of
which live in the Caspian Sea, which alone contains about 90% of the world’s
Sturgeon reserves.
But the value of sturgeon is not because of their meat but because of their eggs,
which are known as” Caviar” or” black pearl”. Caviar alone is considered as the most
luxury breakfast in the world.
Many people like it raw or with eggs and yolks and some people eat a spoon tip of
it with fragrant vegetables or a small piece of bread and butter, and they like the
smell of fish and its unique taste.